About Circle Group

The establishment of Circle International Holdings Limited in 2009 was a private limited company; headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that ventured into three category of business in the arena of new media technology providing digital marketing solutions; campaign strategy and media planning; animation and video production.

The initial focus of the business activity started in the digital space on Media and Advertising for corporate clienteles’ and organically embark into digital business publications across South East Asia and China being the key target market.

With the introductory of World Excellence Award coined as WEA in 2014, the company created a new vertical brand awards to penetrate into South East Asia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong market segment. The WEA platform provides an international prestige award that recognizes elites from different industries.

On 7 December 2017, Circle International Holdings Limited went Public Listed on Australia’s National Stock Exchange with its principal business activities in media technology from branding solutions, campaigning solutions to media technology solutions.

Circle International Holdings Limited horizontally divest its business cosign on 2 December 2021 welcoming a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) veteran for more than 20 years in the distribution business; principally specialized in well-known consumer brand information and communications technology (ICT) devices.

The new asset acquisition provided a proven augmented distribution methodology for large scale multiple brand operational blueprint from service center, logistic, warehouse to retail channels; a ready platform solutions for new big brands in ICT to go to market both locally and internationally complimented with its early founding capabilities in digital content creation and dissemination, digital advertising and digital media planning for clienteles.

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